Now here’s a great post from the kids over at SAMBA.  One of them writes today about an Icelandic musician and how he’s using his community to hold him accountable to generate music.

The blog is also about how he’s using Web 2.0 in a great way to utilize his community.  It seems to me like a perfect example of where social media is taking artistic endeavours.  Hold on for the ride!


2 Responses to WEB 2.0 for ARTISTS

  1. Amy says:

    Gillian – since you’re putting grammar/proofreading funnies on your website, you should probably know that your bit about graduating from the Act One program is written twice on your bio page. A bit tacky, non?

    • gilliebean says:

      Hello Amy! Are you an Amy that I know? Thanks for calling attention to that little tidbit. I’ve mentioned it twice because I actually did graduate from Act One twice. First, I completed the Executive Program in 2007. Second, I completed the Saturday Writing Program in 2008. I have now revised my bio to make it a little more clear. Thanks again!

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