So I couldn’t sleep because of some late-in-the-day tea and while I was awake watching trailers on, I ran across this little diddy:

The film is about a Canadian kick-ass-and-take-names businesswoman (Sandra Bullock) who bribes her executive assistant (Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her so that she doesn’t get deported back to Canada.  Now usually, they get hot young girls to play opposite the rugged seasoned actors, right?  So I thought it was funny that Sandra Bullock was playing opposite someone younger than her.  She’s 44 (but looking great!).  And while I was looking up Ryan Reynolds’ age (32, by the way), I discovered an even greater irony:

Ryan Reynolds is the Canadian!

Further research reveals that not only is Bullock American, she was born in a suburb of Washington, D.C.!



2 Responses to IRONY?

  1. Fay says:

    What??? She’s not Texan??!!
    Cute trailer. I think I’ll go see that one.
    Stop with the tea, already. You need your sleep.;))

  2. Amy Renzulli says:

    I saw this trailer a little while back and I think the film will be really funny. And, I love the irony. I like ironic things just because I enjoy saying “that’s ironic”. 🙂

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