My friend Amy was right.  It’s STEE-via.  Not STAY-via.  This will be a hard transition for me since I’ve been calling it STAY-via since 2004. 😉

A while back, the FDA was just about to make a final judgment on whether it’s a supplement or an additive.  Or both!  According to US News & World Report.  And they finally did!  According to MSNBC.  Stevia is now safe to consume!

I’ve been using this herb a lot recently because I’m zeroing in on my weight goal and I’m getting pretty serious about it.  Also, even though I’ve never liked licorice, I’m one of the lucky few who doesn’t mind the aftertaste.  I use it in yogurt, coffee, cappuccinos, and a few months ago I made a zero point hot chocolate with it!  I’ve also made cookies, cakes, and other lovely contraptions; but that was a few years ago.

Here’s my favourite quote from the WiKi article I link to below:

Other studies have shown stevia improves insulin sensitivity in rats and may even promote additional insulin production helping to reverse and metabolic syndrome.  Preliminary human studies show stevia can help reduce hypertension…

In 2006, the World Health Organization (WHO) performed a thorough evaluation of recent experimental studies of stevioside and steviols conducted on animals and humans, and concluded that “stevioside and rebaudioside A are not genotoxic in vitro or in vivo and that the genotoxicity of steviol and some of its oxidative derivatives in vitro is not expressed in vivo.

Furthermore, the report noted that “stevioside has shown some evidence of pharmacological effects in patients with hypertension or with type-2 diabetes” but concluded that further study was required to determine proper dosage.


Finally, more information about this sweet herb that I’ve been using for more than four years can be found here.  Thank you WiKi.


5 Responses to STEVIA

  1. Fay says:

    Stevioside? Rebaudioside A? Genotoxic in vitro and in vivo?
    That last might be translatable, but the rest???
    S’okay, though, right?

  2. Amy says:

    Am I the Amy you refer to? I’m having vague memories about this conversation… I think.

  3. […] little over a year ago, I wrote about how stevia had been approved by the FDA for human consumption.  I’ve been using stevia for about five years now and […]

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