Christianity Today posted an interesting summary about the past year at ORU.  I recommend.

At the end, they link to Mart Green’s website.  It’s full of good little tidbits about the man who is forging a bold new path in evangelical documentary-makingMiss HIV.

I think it’s exciting that the new Chair of the Board of Trustees is involved in creating cultural offerings like this one!



  1. gilliebean says:

    Got this comment; but due to technical weirdness it didn’t post. I’ll repost it here:

    From: Susanne Koenig

    Thanks for the postings on ORU. I was there in the 90’s and don’t get me started. (They still have my transcript). If we got aerobic points for all the gaffing we’ve done about ORU we’d still be thin as we were at school, n’est pas? What a mess. Keep up the writing.

    btw, who’s Heddleston?


  2. gilliebean says:

    Susanne, my understanding is that Trent Huddleston is a former ORU accountant who was allegedly asked to “cook the books” on the day before the “internal audit” was set to begin. When he refused, allegedly, he was fired. Now he’s filed a wrongful termination suit against ORU.

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