According to my new favourite last name, one of ORU’s lawyers was sick this morning, and the hearing was postponed.  Two key quotes:

A new date has not been set for Trent Huddleston’s the case against ORU and its leaders, originally filed in November.

And, regarding enrollment:

ORU announced preliminary fall enrollment figures Friday, showing a decline of about 3 percent, or less than 100 students, from this time last year. The university hosts about 3,000 students.


  1. Cornell says:

    The problem with that “number” is that they never tell us how much of it is full-time, credit seeking students. When ORU puts numbers out, they always include everything from the mother who is looking for a class to further her work experience, to any long-distance learners, to even the bible courses that a church will buy the materials for to teach a class there. In an interview that Krista Flasch from KJRH just recently did, Mart Green is quoted to have said that the school is 800 STUDENTS short of “sustainability”. When a business man uses the word sustainability, watch out…

  2. gilliebean says:

    Very good point! I’d love to see a breakdown of the enrollment numbers from ORU as well. But, hm… 800 short, eh? How does that compare to previous semesters? If it’s less than 100 students, that means that they were 700 less than “sustainable capacity” last year. I’d want to see numbers from several previous years in a row to see what the trend has been. Also, what sort of thing has worked in the past to increase enrollment?

    I think that when Ryan and I were students, they had about 5000 students which I guess would be a “sustainable capacity.”

  3. “All That is Necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” -Edmond Burke

  4. good to hear from you Cornell, how are you doing? I see you have weathered the storm you may not know me directly but we had a mutual friend at oru Jason Rodreguis. Anyway, Good Point

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