ORU LAWSUIT: Updates June 2008

The kids over at Save ORU are on it!

Mark Lewandowski (the ORU provost) is stepping down. I mentioned this to Ryan and he said, “What’s a provost?” and I didn’t quite know the answer! So, as a matter of course, we turn to WIKI!

Provost is the title of a senior academic administrator at many institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada… Even within these different types of appointments, the precise role of a provost varies from institution to institution. In most North American research universities and independent colleges, the provost is generally the chief academic officer. The incumbent is responsible to the institution’s chief executive officer and governing board for oversight of all educational affairs and activities, including research and academic personnel.

In related news, Lindsey was kept on the defendant list for the still pending lawsuit, despite Lindsey’s attorneys asking for her to be removed. This is my favourite quote from the Tulsa World article:

[Judge Rebecca Brett] Nightingale decided that factual allegation could potentially support the legal claims against Lindsay Roberts.


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