On Saturday, Ryan had a hankering for Disneyland. We had a bit of work to do with the business plan for DC, but we zipped through it (accurately and with attention-to-detail) and then headed south to Anaheim!

Arriving at 4 PM we were greeted with a 90 minute wait-time at the submarines. We hadn’t ridden them yet and decided it was worth the wait. So we waited. In the rain.

While Ryan waited in line, I trotted off across the park to make dinner reservations (it’s like a fast-pass, but for food) at Cafe Orleans.

Nemo was fun. Worth waiting for at least once a visit.

Cafe Orleans was our next stop (after Tarzan’s Treehouse) and having made reservations was brilliant. We were seated within 2 minutes of arriving. I learned that from Disney connoisseur, Erin Amos – always make your dinner reservations as soon as you arrive.

Cafe Orleans currently has a Ratatouille theme! We had the Ratatouille dish (so yummy!) and really fabulous seafood crepe. Seriously, that crepe dish was the best seafood dish I’ve had in a long time. Salmon, Mahi Mahi, and Halibut. So good! We highly recommend.

We rode Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain… Winnie the Pooh and Indiana Jones… and sat through “Honey I Shrunk the Audience”…

And no trip to Disney is complete without the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! Which we also rode. 😉

The fun part about living in SoCal and being able to go to Disney whenever you want (or whenever the budget allows), is that you’re always discovering new things, things you never noticed before. Such as…

Star Wars-themed Mr. Potato Head Figures


Ryan thought Princess Leah was especially cute…


Here’s a few more photos from our evening at Disney…





One Response to DISNEY

  1. Evangela Dueck says:

    it’s so cool that you can go to Disney Land whenever you want. You have no idea how jealous we all are. I think living in that part of the world must feel like you’re in the center of entertainment all the time. Must be nice!
    I like the new pics too – your hair is so long. lovely!

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