I shot a friend’s headshots last week. It was super fun!

Because of the time I spent at Bicoastal Talent & Literary Agency, I’ve got an idea of what theatrical and commercial agents are looking for. So I was able to combine that with my photography and the camera that I’m trying out (a Nikon D70 – thanks Terry!) in order to capture four different looks!

We did the general “This Is Me” look…

Then we added “Tough Guy”…

…”Business-y/Detective Guy”

…and finally the “Comic.”



3 Responses to HEADSHOTS

  1. Stephanie says:

    Good job! I think I remember that guy…

  2. Micheal says:

    Nikon’s are great the D70 is a super camera, good job on the pics

  3. gilliebean says:

    Thanks guys!

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