UPDATE (2009-11-21):

A lot of people are coming here from “The Writing On The Wall.”  Welcome!

Click here for my tiny post about Pastor Billy Joe.

For more posts about the ORU lawsuit click here.

ORIGINAL POST (2007-12-02):

So I heard from another (different) source a few days ago that current Executive Regent/Interim President Billy Joe Daugherty had been fired from the Campus Pastor position at ORU some time during the past year (2007) for confronting Richard about his alleged antics (financial and otherwise). Following the firing, Daugherty and his church – Victory Christian Center (VCC) – was booted from the Mabee Center as a cumulative result of Richard’s reaction to Daugherty’s defiance. VCC had been housed at the Mabee Center for decades before being booted.

Here is the open letter from the Board of Regents outlining the complete results from the recent meetings.

Here is a TulsaWorld article providing more information about Mart Green, whose family is giving the $70 million to ORU, conditionally.

Key quote: “Green said that as part of his review, he is seeking advice on ‘what good governance looks like at universities.   …We think the biggest issue is not the finances. That’s not the root problem. It is the lack of trust, and that’s a spiritual issue.'”

Also interesting: “Worried about the plight of people facing issues such as AIDS, Green started a nonprofit film company to tell their stories.” I find this interesting because I have a friend who just started a nonprofit film company.  It’s an odd duck – with little precedent.



  1. Fay Rowe says:

    The story about why Daugherty left the BOR sounds like unsubstantiated speculation, especially since the source is unidentified. I’m wondering who the anonymous $2 million donor was and have picked a couple of possibilities, but, of course, with nothing substantial to base my choices on.

    Re the Green family. Impressive generosity. Hopefully the quite reasonable strings attached don’t include their own long term involvement in ORU governance. Sounds like they are truly altruistic in their giving, and want to ensure a good governance is in place.

  2. gilliebean says:

    I have a source that, in my estimation, is reliable; otherwise, I would not have shared this. But good thoughts.

  3. micheal m says:

    and in this corner standing 5 ft 6 the mouth from the south and in this corner stainding 5 ft 5 the bean lets get it on

    and the claws come out meoooooooooooooooooow

    no but really, i have read several different articals that cite the same thing, I have been glued to everything on this since it was made known, my question is what happens to the students and the degree if it get tainted

  4. Sallie Mayes says:

    It’s no secret within the ivory tower chambers of the charismatic christian Higher Education community that for years dubious behaviours were being practiced at ORU by the Roberts elite. A number of highly placed ORU staff left long ago due to their insider knowledge of the goings-on there. They knew disclosure was inevitable and did not want to be associated with the fallout. Unfortunately certain of these did not learn from their experiences there and spread ORU’s infectious unethical practices to the new charismatic institutions they swarmed to such as TKC&S. Don’t be fooled by their so-called accreditation. It’s a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” scam as those at one school get on the accreditation team to help out those at another. If Jack Hayford is wise he will expose what has gone on behind the scenes of his institution before it is likewise too late.

  5. John says:

    Jack Hayford? Are you sure?

  6. Ed says:

    My cousin attended the King’s college in California. She was disappointed that it was nothing near like what is espoused in Jack Hayford’s teachings. Not much spiritual life or passion among faculty or students. A great amount of Pastor Jack worship by the institution instead. Too bad. She left.

  7. Irma Vazquez says:

    It is a shame that ministries that God has entrusted with so many blessing,don’t know how to handle them.
    When you forget the source of your blessing and made use of funds that belong to God’s Kingdom,the devil is right there to do his work. Let keep our eyes in the things above and let God take care of everythingelse. Sometimes we use God for our own benefits.Let’s pray to God to forgive us and guide us along the way.

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