So yesterday’s goal was to run 8 miles.  But my running partner and I (others were out of town) arrived at the designated location without a designated route!  So we ran when we thought would be about 8 miles.  And afterwards, we discovered, with the use of sophisticated measuring devices (my car), that we’d run 9 whole miles!  The great part is, it was a good run.  We took it slow at the beginning and ran strong at the end.  I think I could have gone at least 3 or 4 more miles!  It was a good day.

So I’m starting to enjoy running!  It’s fun when you don’t feel like you’re in pain the whole time!

Don’t know if we’ll do 9 miles again next week or if we’ll move ahead to 10 miles…


One Response to 9 MILES!!

  1. Fay Rowe says:

    9 miles. Wow. I hurt thinking about it.

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