It’s time to enjoy this (at least) two year old video that has almost become a yearly tradition for me.  Two years ago, I stumbled across it and it made me laugh and smile and giggle with glee for about 15 minutes.  Then I bought the CD.  Please enjoy responsibly.

The YouTube Wizards in Winter Video.


4 Responses to WIZARDS IN WINTER

  1. stephanie says:

    oh, man, i love that one too. tons of fun!

  2. Fay Rowe says:

    Remind me to take you to find two crazy houses when you’re home for Christmas.

  3. gilliebean says:


  4. micheal m says:

    That is Trans, Beth and I go every year for the last 5 years we missed it this year since they moved the date from dec to nov it was a bummer.

    here is the website http://www.trans-siberian.com/intro.html

    have fun enjoy

    Beth Micheal and Baby make three

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