Here is an interesting article about Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass.

Three favourite quotes:

“After a rocky start, the studios now seem to view the Christian market as it would a difficult girlfriend: elusive and hard to please; ultimately, you keep your distance but still take pains not to irritate her.”

“Hollywood is in somewhat the same position as Las Vegas these days. It went from being the capital of sin to Disneyland, and now it’s landed somewhere in between.”

“You can almost see Pullman cringing at the standard Tinseltown crypto-Buddhist babble. Be Spiritual. Praise the Divine. Offend No One. Then say, Ommmm.”

Interestingly, the article is titled “How Hollywood Saved God” (same link as above).


2 Responses to TARNISHED GOLD?

  1. Fay Rowe says:

    Richard Dawkins, the British atheistic friend of Pullman, makes a statement that encapsulates the message of my next book, “Keepers of the Testimony.”

    I quote from the above article:
    “Thou shalt not” might reach the head, but it takes “once upon a time” to reach the heart.

    I quote from “Keepers of the Testimony’:
    God is all about stories. It’s true. Storytellers always been big with God. In fact, once upon a time, long, long ago … God chose a storyteller to be his partner in the covenant that would begin the process of bringing the world’s Redeemer to earth.

  2. micheal m says:

    lol nice commit, as for your book i would love to read it, really sounds intresting.

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