Mark Lewandowski, the current ORU provost is quoted here as saying that the new ORU president must have “solid academic credentials, leadership skills and a strong Christian faith.”

We agree.

In a letter to George Pearsons, Ryan and I wrote:

…the new president, whoever he or she may be, should exhibit a strong academic and management background in addition to spiritual leadership experience. …we hope to see a leader who exemplifies Christian excellence in academics and organizational management, and commands the sort of respect and trust essential to charting ORU’s course out of this difficult season, out of debt, and into the future as an exemplary institution academically, athletically and spiritually.

I added a bit about the leadership culture at ORU, that we experienced during our time, there using the theories of Golem Effect and Pygmalion Effect:

The first theory suggests that if you expect a group of people to perform poorly, or behave negatively, they will meet those expectations. The second suggests that if you expect a group of people to do well, perform well, and behave properly, they will at least meet and, many times, exceed those expectations. During my time at ORU, I felt often that a culture of Golem Effect existed. It was cultivated at the top and trickled down to the Resident Advisors. You must be able to recognize that most successful universities are ones at which a tremendous amount of school pride is part of the culture and is nurtured by a positive leadership style that embodies the Pygmalion Theory.

And so we made this request:

Please consider strongly, and exhort the entire Board of Regents to consider strongly, the need for transparent, encouraging leadership in order to secure the successful future of ORU.

So we agree with Mark, and Phil.

We’re concerned about the other lawsuits by students that are popping up. We don’t want it to turn into a “class action.” This would defeat Cornell Cross’ purposes by devaluing his degree further. Current students and graduates should be asking themselves, “what can I do to support ORU during this time?” What would a quality university graduate do? Be loyal. Not necessarily to the people we mistrusted during our time there, but to the school, to the organization, to the faculty we loved, admired and respected.

So, Board of Regents this is your time, guide us. Lead us into greener pastures. Show us strong, current, grounded, experienced, academically-wise, financially-accountable leadership.
Ryan has more to say about this. He’ll post soon.



  1. Fay says:

    Amen! Good perspective.

    I believe ORU and, indeed, Richard Roberts and his family, can come out of this whole experience stronger. To quote Oral Roberts at the ORU chapel service earlier this week, “I believe God,” that everyone can survive this storm and thrive. And I pray they all will.

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