My husband is awesome. He planned a wonderful two-day anniversary celebration that was perfect, simple, and delightful. Here are some photos!

On Sunday morning he made me breakfast in bed. And had flowers for me. He gave me a card that listed an itinerary for the day. It included breakfast-in-bed, relaxing, a shopping trip to IKEA, and then an unknown event! Ryan said I was to dress up, pack an overnight bag, and that’s all! Well, we bought a new kitchen table at IKEA. Fun! And then for dinner we found ourselves (well, I found myself) at BeauRivage (where we’d had our rehearsal dinner!) for dinner!

Then after dinner, we drove west and ended up at The Orchid Inn… where we’d spent the first two nights of our honeymoon! Here’s a photo I snapped of the orchid they’d left on our bed.

After enjoying a lovely breakfast on Monday morning at The Orchid Inn, Ryan gave me a beautiful poster of the text of the entire Shakespeare play MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. So then, we trotted around Santa Barbara for a few hours looking for a frame…

Then we bought a lunch and drove over to Jalama Beach. It’s the most southerly public beach before the 101 turns east by Gaviota Beach.

Ryan was happy to see a train on our way back…

The drive along Jalama Road is beautiful…

T’was a lovely two days that my husband planned. T’was a wonderful gift. My husband is amazing!!

Here’s a photo of the cards we gave and received…

UPDATE: Here’s two more pics.  One of the kitchen table and another of the poster that Ryan got me.


5 Responses to 1ST ANNIVERSARY

  1. stephanie says:

    congratulations! anniversaries are so great. i’m glad you had a lovely time with your romantical husband.

  2. Fay says:

    What a great plan and what a blessing he is! The pictures are fabulous.

  3. Sarita says:

    love the pics! congrats to you both! glad it was so special and you got to get away a bit! that road to jalama IS beautiful, we drove it and camped there once. that pic took me back! 😉

  4. gilliebean says:

    Thanks gals! 😀

  5. The Micheal says:

    congrats you guys that is so awesome, Ryan the hair is getting a little to much like a mullet man …aka the ron luce

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