I made two pumpkin pies for a soirée. Then I carved the pumpkin. Here’s a picture! Note the Cool-Whip(r) and the bowl of yet-to-be-roasted pumpkin seeds…pa210040.jpg

I must note that I learned you should roast the seeds pretty soon after rinsing them, because they tend to stick together.  Also, the pies were gobbled up!


  1. Fay says:

    Good lookin’ pumpkin. Pies look pretty good too! Big pies!

  2. gilliebean says:

    9″ pies. They served 24 people!

  3. stephanie says:

    Looks good, Gil! Doing that is on my list… but I have to locate my pans first!

  4. Sarita says:

    mmmm yummy! those look tasty! we are really into pumpkin these days too. we just made pumpkin smoothies the other night. delish!

    thats a nice carving job too i might add.

  5. gilliebean says:

    Stephanie: I just bought the frozen pie shells; they come with foil pans!

    Sarita: Thanks! Ooo… smoothies! That sounds yummy.

  6. nicole fort says:

    so i’m late to reply, but i just saw this post and wanted to reiterate how yummy those pies were!!!! want to make another one soon? i could definitely use a slice right now to perk up my day.

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