…everywhere a strike-strike. As the time draws near for the WGA (Nov 1st), the local Broadway IATSE union in New York is set to follow suit. Or should I say, precede accordingly.

This news has a special place in my heart because I spent some time managing a professional theatre in Vancouver, Canada. I hit my head on those vom doors more times than I can count, and yet, I loath unions (except you Equity! Everybody loves Equity! ;)). However, I absolutely support supporting the technicians that make the magic of theatre possible.

I admit to ignorance of the Broadway ways; but still, I’m not sure that in NY striking will be the best solution for IATSE. There are ways to avoid the technicians’ necessity. However, back on the left coast, WGA is counting on their members’ products as being foundationally necessary. The American public cannot subsist on a solely reality television diet for too long! Yet, with the sneaky advent of non-guild production companies by many of the major studios and networks, many non-union writers are getting their chance! It’s hard for starving artists to show solidarity when a “chance” or a “big break” is carrot-ed in their faces.

What would I do? Take the chance to be abused by the big boys? Or eat ramen, while the storm passes? Thankfully, I’m not purporting to be a working writer yet. So I’ll cross that bridge once the canyon appears…

UPDATE: 90.3% of the 6000 WGA members that voted recently will support a strike.


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