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  1. Anonymous says:

    Words of wisdom from an on looker.

    I don’t believe one side of this lawsuit is “good” and the other “bad”. Brooker, in particular, seems to have an “interesting” history and is a financial wheeler-dealer in his own right. My best guess is that the plaintiffs in this case are looking for a big financial payout to shut-up. In Brooker, the Roberts finally found an adversary who is not afraid of RR and is willing to destroy this whole profitable operation if he doesn’t get paid. They will keep exposing details only until the Roberts are in enough pain to settle and then everything will get sealed up again with an “undisclosed settlement” and a mutual agreement not to discuss the case.

    A number of folks have appeared in these Tulsa-World story comments who have had past negative dealings with the Roberts family but have never had the interest or nerve to come forward and expose them. Some of them have expressed an inclination to work with the lawyer for the plaintiffs. I’m not sure this is a good idea. I suspect they will be used to up the ante in settlement talks and then will be forced to not tell their story publicly under the terms of the settlement.


    I think these folks would be far better off talking with somebody they trust. My interest is only in getting the truth out. I’d much rather see some good investigative journalism (are you listening Tulsa-World) then in waiting until some mythical courtroom unveils the “truth”. It’s not going to happen.

    Old Lindsay must really be pulling her hair out bout now. That’s gotta be a site…

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