Here is an interesting New York Times article! I thought it offered new perspectives.

And here is a very interesting article from Tulsa World about Richard Roberts, Fred Creek and the local political landscape in which ORU lies.

Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Texas, President Priscilla of TSU is accused of spending more than $500,000 of Texas Southern University‘s money on personal expenses according to this Houston Chronicle article.  I wonder if President Priscilla’s case will set a precedent…

Waka waka waka!

Juicy details about it in this abc13.com article.  Texas Southern University has just under 10,000 students enrolled this year.  Almost twice as big as ORU.



  1. Poontang says:

    Richard’s blow out may be redefining and setting a new precidence for the role of Christian Ministries involved in political issues across the board in America today. This is the core of the battle I think and why they will fight hard to keep their tax exempt status.

    There no doubt will be a new set of laws is proposed and developed because of this whole thing happening. It is a political hot button during elcetion time and will be refered to and kept as high profile as can be by Dems going for the gold. So the timing is interesting too.

    Of course it is the campus’s role to deny, defend and defeat anything coming against it and in calling it a ploy of the enemy and for sure to try to discredit it and sweep it under the rug, and in many ways, this seems right, but it also looks like arrogant smugness on the part of certain leadership.

    Yeah right Richard, first you heard of it. Good One!!! Was that the coming out statement??? I thought there was so much to tell.

    Nevertheless, can this hurt or help? I think we can all agree that it will help, some, but not much and as far as translating to the students, I seriously doubt anything will change…

    Talk is cheap…

  2. I just thought of something…having a jet is terrible un-ecofriendly.

    ORU: Bad For the Environment!

  3. Poontang says:

    Oh, but it’s ‘ only leased’.

  4. Fay says:

    What? Having a jet is eco-unfriendly? Al?
    Tell me it ain’t so. Tell me you don’t have a jet!
    Is Al Gore’s jet leased I wonder? Or is he flying commercial?

    And, BTW, is that made of microfiber?

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