Ryan and I are both alums of ORU and as such we’re curious about what the atmosphere is like on campus right now.

Do any current ORU students want to comment?

We had this comment on a previous post:

  • I am an ORU alumn (…who took 3 classes with T. Brooker and one with P. Brooker) who is also disappointed but NOT surprised about the allegations (I graduated in 2006) … What angered me the most about the Larry King interview … was that Richard emphatically stated that the university does not endorse political candidates. …I was actually IN CHAPEL when Richard stood up at the podium, as the leader of the university, in front of thousands of students that were mandated to be there, and called Dr. Brooker, from his seat in the back of the auditorium, to come up to the podium and speak about the campaigning that students would be doing for the Randi Miller campaign. I saw this with my own eyes.

Also, from facebook, I found a group called “Save Cornell Cross!!!” – from the description, “Cornell has been harassed and manipulated and faces possible expulsion from certain individuals in ORU administration.” If you remember, Cornell is one of the students quoted in this article from Tulsa World as well as several others.

Update: apparently, George Pearsons spoke in chapel today!  Tulsa World’s got the scoop.


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