Here is CNN’s article, post-Larry King. Take note, there’s several interesting comments from Carlton Pearson quoted in the article.

  • Bishop Carlton Pearson, a former Oral Roberts protege, told CNN Tuesday that Richard Roberts was “born into privilege.”
  • “What others may call extravagance he may not see it as extravagant,” said Pearson. He said he was disappointed but not surprised by the allegations.

Also, some Tulsa World reporters flew to New York on the “leased” plane with Richard and Lindsey. That Tulsa World article is here. In it, Richard and Lindsey refute many of the allegations line by line. An interesting read.

Finally, Phil Cooke the “media guru” had some thoughts about how the Larry King interview affects Richard and Lindsey going forward.

Update: more from Carlton Pearson in the Tulsa World.



  1. Poontang says:

    Wasn’t Carlton ousted for being a crackpot?

    So if a nut calls you a nut, does that make you intellegent?

    I think it does.

    I think we ‘want’ crazy people calling us crazy, I think that’s a good thing…

  2. Dan says:

    Only one comment on Carlton Pearson. I am an ORU alumnus and recall Mr. Pearson and Mr. Roberts having some sort of disagreement which led to Mr. Pearson not being allowed to speak at chaple services anymore. I believe it was Mr. Pearson teaching Unitarianism in his church. As to the allegations against the Roberts, I am not suprised. Just go to the top floor of all the dorms and see how athletes are lavished compared to nonathletic students. What’s funny is that I recall the Robert’s daughters storming through campus on the golf carts and students having to dodge them in the parking lots.

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