The transcript of the interview is here.

Here’s an excerpt:

  • KING: Another allegation, that ORU’s jet was used to take one of your daughters, plus friends, on a senior trip to Florida and the Bahamas, and the cost of the trip was billed to the Oral Roberts ministry as an Evangelistic function of the president.
  • R. ROBERTS: Larry, my daughter and several others went with me on the trip. It was not a senior trip. It was a preaching trip that I had in Florida and the Bahamas, because the regents who live in that area, who had asked me to come to help recruit students to ORU, and they asked me to bring kids with me. And I had to pay the university back for that. And, by the way, the jet is not owned by the university. It is a leased plane.

Two questions were asked by email:

  • Barbara in Ashburn, Virginia: “It seems to me these recent allegations, whether true or false, beg the most fundamental questions — why didn’t you make every effort to avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing? Why did you give your enemy an unnecessary opportunity to attack you?”
  • Danny in Tulsa: “I’m an ORU alumnus. Why do the majority of ORU students and alumni appear to be grieved, but not surprised, by these allegations? Does it concern you that your excesses are so obvious that most people don’t appear to be shocked to hear of them?”

End quote.



  1. Jessica says:

    I am an ORU alumn (a recent graduate of the government department who took 3 classes with T. Brooker and one with P. Brooker) who is also disappointed but NOT surprised about the allegations. I could go on and on about all the things that went on at ORU while I was there (I graduated in 2006), and some of these things, like the major renovations made to their daugthers’ invitation-only dorm wing and the destruction of the golf carts by the Roberts girls. What angered me the most about the Larry King interview last night was that Richard emphatically stated that the university does not endorse political candidates. That is a straight up LIE, because I was actually IN CHAPEL when Richard stood up at the podium, as the leader of the university, in front of thousands of students that were mandated to be there, and called Dr. Brooker, from his seat in the back of the auditorium, to come up to the podium and speak about the campaigning that students would be doing for the Randi Miller campaign. I saw this with my own eyes. I can’t believe that he would insult the intelligence of all the students who know for a fact he is lying. I am ashamed that my diploma now holds the stigma of this man’s immoral actions, a product of his self-righteous, “godly” messages of entitlement.

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