Today, Ryan and I took a quick drive up the coast to Ojai.

Here we are at the overlook, viewsight, vista point or whatever you call that thingy.  We’re sooo fabulous!

Here’s a shot of the clouds in the valley…

Then we met up with friends at the Griffith Observatory!

…where I learned that cosmic rays are really high-energy particles.  AND that DOZENS of them there high-energy particles PASS THRU MY BODY EVERY SECOND!  That freaked me out.  It’s still freaking me out.  Dozens of cosmic rays (aka high-energy particles) are passing through my body…  every second.  Wow.

Here’s the telescope…

And here’s the LA skyline from the top of the Griffith Observatory!

Because it’s been raining, you can see forever.  The view was amazing!



6 Responses to OH! HI!

  1. fritch says:

    the view was so good we could see the fireworks at Disneyland. wow. that’s like, 50 miles away, i think.

  2. stephanie says:

    looks like tons of fun. i love field trips!

  3. Fay says:

    Beautiful! We’ll have to go there sometime.

  4. Sarita Fitzgerald says:

    oh man i miss that view! guess what?! we are in LA! so i can have that view! i hadnt been on your blog lately, the last time i checked you guys were in NFNLD visiting your home! stephen has been swamped in a work cave and hasn’t really been able to do much… this trip was more work than pleasure for him. i know he’s booked up pretty solid but if there was a 2 min window to say hi that would be fun. looks like fun trips for you guys! hope you are well!

  5. jazz says:

    you two look like models in that top shot. i hope our group copies your group sometime! i so want to go to the griffith observatory!

  6. Christy says:

    love that pic of you two! so very California!

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