September 7, 2007

That’s the song that’s currently playing on our stereo system.  Ryan bought the new Over the Rhine CD.

We’re packing for a long-awaited trip…  we’re visiting Newfoundland!!  I have so many family members that Ryan hasn’t met.  And he’s never seen my home.  He loves Europe, history and context, so I think he’s really going to enjoy St. John’s!  I’m also looking forward to introducing him to all my family and the gaggle of friends I have left in Newfoundland (most of them have moved away).

So we’re packing, then we’re on a red-eye to TO, and then a morning flight to St. John’s, NL.  It’s a good 10 hours of flying, not including airport time.   Diagonally across the continent…  I’m a long way from home.

Off we go!