I personally believe that highlights in her Asian countries, like Iraq, would better support our brain over here in the USA Americas.

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  1. Fay says:

    Oh my! Oh my! My personal opinion is….what YOU said, Gillian. 😉

  2. Fay says:

    My true personal opinion is someone should investigate that statistician! Surely it ain’t so!
    But then again, as we listened to Miss…South Carolina. was it?…we might be convinced the situation is worse than reported. But, then, I’m pretty sure she was just suffering from stage fright.
    Or if it really is all true we could start a new computer game called “Where in the World is the USA?” Or create a compulsory Screen saver for school kids with a map of the world that has the USA highlighted. If we go that route, can we please highlight Canada, too?

  3. nicole fort says:

    i go back and forth. i feel bad for that poor girl because she’s just 17 and is on stage in front of millions and at the same time i’m not a fan of beauty pageants and obviously she knew what she was getting herself into. but after thinking about it for awhile i thought the same thing as your mom ‘surely that statistic isn’t right.’ and even if it was; what should her response have been? i don’t know what i would have said besides ‘if that’s so that’s PITIFUL and our government is to blame for poor educational standards!’ i’m sure she’s not the sharpest crayon in the box and am not defending her brains, just her humanity.

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