The more you know, the more you’re as confused as I am.

These people are enraged.

Can we trust WiKi to be impartial?

3 Responses to SPP

  1. Brian says:

    Yeah for being on top of the secret doings of our government. Of course in America’s mainstream media saturation of all things Paris Hilton and crap you won’t get too much wind of it. If only America would truly wake up and pull their heads outta their butts they’d see America the Once Great is being beaten up from within by the Global Elitists and their quest for a New World Order. This is step one.

  2. This article about “enraged” people is patently false because it suggests that those who are engaged call themselves “Canadians.” Impossible, I say!

  3. Fay says:

    By golly! It is most confusing: Canadians enraged and engaged; Republicans and Conservatives as global elitists; impartiality found on-line. What’s the world coming to?

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