I think my mother had one of these when I was a kid…

Or maybe that was one of these.

I almost bought one of these.

But settled on one of these.


4 Responses to DUSTBUSTER

  1. jazz says:

    dustbesters are very handy. is yours green and white? ours is grey and white.

  2. “But it’s much better–power hoovers are better than those old “push me-pull you,” no power…Hoh-duh-duh-duh, Hoh-duh-duh…with the little turning brushes…Hoh-duh-duh-duh, Hoh-duh-duh…And the dust was saying, “What exactly are you trying to do?” “Well, we’re trying to whisk you… whisk you into the Hoh-duh-duh” “But we’re coming straight back down again.”


  3. gilliebean says:

    i guess that pic makes it look green! nope – ours is grey. or gray. whichever you prefer! 😉

  4. gilliebean says:

    DM (CHRIS!), that’s hilarious!!

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