Evangelicals Shedding the Artistic Cocoon

This article from MSNBC summarizes what many of us are already aware of – but it’s neat to see it in print on a national news website.  Plus the references to our very own Act One and the Brehm Center at Fuller Seminary are neat.  Specifically, the article quotes Craig Detweiler, who was a professor of mine during my time at the LA Film Studies Center, and was our liaison last year when the Brehm Center was one of Tandem Arts’ clients. Gillian & I are also on the City of Angels Film Festival committee with him this year. It’s a small world.


2 Responses to Evangelicals Shedding the Artistic Cocoon

  1. Fay says:

    I guess going into the world of art, instead of creating a Christian art world, would fulfill the mandate of going into every man’s world.

  2. gilliebean says:

    “Every man’s world…” – where have I heard that phrase before…? 😉

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