Tonight a group of us spontaneously decided to travel to Springfield, USA and get a market-y pink donut from Apu at Kwik-E-Mart. Tyler, Heidi, Trish, Ryan, and I piled into Trish’s Matrix and spiraled thru the rabbit hole from Burbank, California in search of squishee blue truth…

Market-y Pink Goodness

In this store, one of only 12 Kwik-E-Marts across North America, they had “actors” playing Apu-like characters.  Tyler said the squishee tasted like cream soda.


4 Responses to KWIK-E-MART

  1. stephanie says:

    haha! that’s awesome. i read about that online… thanks for sharing!

  2. Does anybody on Go’d sgreen earth really deserve a market-y pink donut?

  3. Fay says:

    Aha! The light shines!

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