So things are good in LaLaLand for Gilliebean and Fritch. He goes to work daily to wrestle with logos and little animated girls with large feet. I work on my script(s) and sometimes my lattes or other espresso beverages, but most often I’m in class just below this sign. Coming up very soon, I’ll be interning three days a week at a talent/literary agency! But other more exciting things are happening at Club Fritch

Unidentified Tree Turns Blue Car Gooey

That’s right… I parked under a tree. What’s wrong with that? I park under trees all the time! But apparently, it’s a bad idea to park under a tree in June (and that’s difficult because Ryan and I live on a nice street with lots of nice trees). This is what my car is supposed to look like.

And this is what my car looked like yesterday, after I’d driven 10 miles to the grocery store and back.


Those leaves were stuck on there. I had to pull them off by hand. Ewww… After Ryan saw my car, he left to park his car. As he was pulling out I said, “Don’t park under a tree!” Guess what he did. You’re right! Guess what happened… You’re absolutely right.

Couple Turns Desk Lamp Into Makeshift Chem Lab

We’re testing our water! Finally, I picked up the do-it-yourself home drinking water test and had memories of my old chemistry set. I think Ryan had the same one. All of the results are in, but one!

Lead – neg (this is good!)

Pesticides – neg (this is good!)

Nitrate/Nitrite – below 10.0 ppm (this is good!)

Nitrite – below 1.0 ppm (this is good!)

Chlorine – below 4 ppm (this is good!)

ph – 9 (higher than recommended)

Hardness – 250 ppm (higher than recommended)

The last test we’re doing is a Bacteria test.


Tonight at 9 PM, we’ll check the colour of the water. If it’s yellow, then it be “highly likely that potentially harmful bacteria were detected” according to the instructions. We’ll see! Regardless, it’s good to know that the rest of the tests were good except for pH and Hardness which, as far as I know, only affect the taste of our drinking water, our tea, and our coffee… and leave scale on our kettle and espresso maker. My parents are coming to visit soon! They’ll be glad to know that our drinking water is safe! Unless the water in the little vial turns yellow!

Psychadelic Morning Beverage Wakes Up Woman

This is the most important piece of news. I mixed my Naked fruit juices this morning. Happy, swirly colours! It looks like a Peet’s Cappuccino – but in Alice’s Wonderland! It was a joy to drink. I just thought I’d share.




7 Responses to LIFE

  1. Fay says:

    Poor little Jonathan! I hope you gave him a nice bath.
    And what a pretty drink! I’d be tempted, even though someone told me that fruit juice has sugar content “Higher than reccommended.”

  2. gilliebean says:

    I did give him a nice bath. He’s pristine now! But Ryan’s car needs a shower…!

  3. fritch says:

    my car is indeed wretched. i’m ashamed.

  4. gilliebean says:

    The water was still purple at the end. No harmful bacteria in OUR water!! YAY!

  5. Glenn says:

    I am glad Jonathan is back to normal. A good lesson learned!Glad the water is good – we still would have come though.

    Can’t wait to see you guys.

  6. gilliebean says:

    The water is good! The final test came out “negative” (the water was purple), suggesting that “harmful bacteria” were NOT present in our water!

  7. […] Ryan and I did some research about water filters. You might have seen our post about LIFE and how I tested the cleanliness of our […]

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