I can’t begin to describe how pathetic i think it is that as a society we care about Paris Hilton’s prison sentence. She got busted for a DUI and driving illegally, she got a sentence to jail, she cried and called for Mommy. Big whoop. This happens all the time. Why am I supposed to care? I don’t know her.

I’m pretty annoyed by the general following of celebrities in our culture. I suppose I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s just part of humanity’s sickness that we find joy in publicly discussing the marriage problems of people who happen to act or sing successfully, but it’s pretty stupid and there’s a whole lot better uses of our time and the resources of our media. It’s only made weirder when the center of attention in this case is someone who doesn’t sing or act successfully. But I digress.


Okay. I’m done. I give up. Bring on the Paris mug shots and Angelina-Jennifer cat fights and the White Bronco car chases. I’ll just change the channel.


2 Responses to SOAPBOX

  1. Glenn Rowe says:

    Ryan What can I say but that I agree totally with you. Paris Hilton should be jailed much longer then she is being jailed just for asking that the Guvinator should pardon her or whatever nonsense she was getting on with. Hope you are having a great day otherwise. Glenn

  2. Fay says:

    Gotta love that remote.

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