I have Violet Feelings sometimes

so my beautiful bride asked me a few minutes ago if i was going to post on this, the shiny new blogling. so i said, “uh…” and proceeded to search for my password. As I was doing this, I started talking about The Violet Burning since I had gone to their site a little while ago to listen to their last record (which you can stream in its entirety thanks to the beauty of Flash). It’s really cool, but I feel kinda guilty cuz I’ve never bought their record but i listen to it alot. But for the record, i would if it was on iTunes (I checked – it’s not – i was gonna buy it, for real!).

anyway… i started asking Gillie if she was familiar with The Violet Burning, cuz they’re one of these bands with a modest but highly fanatical cult following – and with good reason. They had a brief glimpse of fame in the 90’s but i had never really heard much. Finally i went and saw them with my friend Christy a few years ago and met them and we talked about 80’s metal a lot. But the show was great and although i still haven’t bought the album thanks to a superhero, if it shows up here, I’m there.

oh, and you should listen to them too – pretty cool melodic alt rock with lots of heart and a soothing voice. if you don’t believe me, listen to their record.

i’ll blog about other things later. cheers!


2 Responses to I have Violet Feelings sometimes

  1. Are you calling me highly fanatical here?

    Ok. I guess I am. 🙂

  2. fritch says:

    yeah, i think i’m pretty much insuating that you’re a vb nut! 🙂 ‘Course I’m glad you are!

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